The Heavy Rigid (HR) Class Licence allows you to drive:

  • Any prime mover attached to a semi-trailer or a rigid vehicle towing a trailer with a GVM of more than 9 tonnes plus any unladen converter dolly.
  • Also includes vehicles in Class HR.

Driving a heavy combination vehicle or an HC vehicle is a dream of many truck drivers in Sydney. Being a lucrative career, many want to train to drive these vehicles.

Ellis Driving School strives to fulfill the dreams of many of these drivers, by providing assistance in helping them to drive these vehicles.

According to the RMS, a heavy combination vehicle is one which is a prime mover, with a semi-trailer attached to it, or rigid vehicle towing a trailer with a GVM of more than 9 tonnes. A person applying for an HC licence should have possessed an MR or HR licence for at least one full year.

We are one of the best HC driving schools in Sydney, equipped with excellent vehicles to practise and also expert and experienced tutors to help in your training process. Once you finish your training, you can immediately obtain your HC licence, by submitting our certificate of competence and also by following the procedures like clearing the DKT test, filling up the application form with identity proof and getting your eyesight tested by an approved optician.

To facilitate speedy process, we offer a one-day crash course or two day course, to make you earn all intricacies of driving an HC truck.

How to upgrade to the HC Licence Class

You must have held a Class MR or HR licence for at least one year. P2 licence holders cannot upgrade to this class.

We have two available courses:

One Day Express Course

  • Automatic/Synchromesh Truck – must know how to reverse a trailer or
  • Constant Mesh(Road Ranger) Truck – must know how to operate with Constant Mesh gearbox and reverse a trailer

Two Day Course

  • Constant Mesh(Road Ranger) Truck – must be proficient in the use of a manual transmission

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Our driving lessons are aimed at providing an overall development of the driver’s driving skills and also his expertise in doing it with great care to the road safety rules.