Medium Rigid Class Licence allows you to drive:

  • Any motor vehicle with two axles and more than 8 tonnes GVM.
  • Any towed trailer must not weigh more than 9 tonnes GVM.
  • Also includes vehicles in Class LR.

We, at Ellis driving school, Sydney, can help upgrade your ‘C’ Licence to ‘MR Licence’ with a few practical on-road lessons. We give customized driving lessons to all those in need of a medium rigid Licence in Sydney. Any motor vehicle weighing less than 8 tonnes GVM and possessing 2 axles is a medium rigid vehicle.

Upgrade to MR Licence Class

You must have held a Class C licence (not a learner) for at least one year.

How to get an MR Licence

  • Pass the Driver Knowledge Test (you can do this before or after your on road practical service with Ellis Driving School)
  • Complete an application form,
  • Show evidence of your identity (this may be your driver’s licence),
  • Pass an eyesight test,
  • Produce the Certificate of Competency (Issued by Ellis Driving School) to show that you’ve passed the driving test or the training program,
  • Pay the new licence fee.

Once these procedures are done and you pay the fee for the new MR Licence, you are ready to drive down your MR vehicle on the Sydney roads. Our instructors at Ellis driving school are extremely competent in giving you a detailed instruction and training in driving an MR vehicle.

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Driving Theory

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Our driving lessons are aimed at providing an overall development of the driver’s driving skills and also his expertise in doing it with great care to the road safety rules.