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Ellis Driving School also provides training to  any drivers who are wanting to obtain their licence and become a qualified driver for any public buses or coaches and/or any public relevant public passenger vehicle. There is no practical component to the course.

Course Requirement:
– Must be at least 20 years of age, and have held an Australian driver’s licence for a total of at least twelve 12 months in the two 2 years preceding the date of the application.
– Completed and passed the examination or assessment & be able to work in Australia.

The NSW Department of Transport & Infrastructure will request any criminal history from Australian Police services and a driving history from the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority.

Participants are required to undergo a medical check, provide photographs, and a licence fee of $70 is payable directly to the NSW Department of Transport & Infrastructure.

Course Duration:
– 4 Hours one-to-one in class

Course Details:
– Legislation and Driver Authority
– Customer Service
– Vehicle Operations
– Breakdown & Emergencies
– Driver welfare and Safety

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Driving Theory

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Our driving lessons are aimed at providing an overall development of the driver’s driving skills and also his expertise in doing it with great care to the road safety rules.