Get lR Licence Sydney, New South Wales including Wollongong, Mittagong, Gosford, Penrith, Bankstown & Newcastle.


LR Licence | Light Rigid Licence Training course in Sydney NSW inlcuding including Wollongong, Midagong, Gosford, Penrith, Bankstown and Newcastle.

Light Rigid (LR) class licence allows you to drive

  • Any motor vehicle more than 4.5 tonnes GVM but no more than 8 tonnes GVM.
  • Any single towed trailer with a GVM not greater than 9 tonnes.
  • Also includes any vehicle with a GVM of no more than 8 tonnes which carries more than 12 adults including the driver.
  • Also includes vehicles in Class C.

Note: There are no restrictions on the number of axles for this class of licence

Light rigid vehicle is one with a load of 4.5 tonnes GVM to 8 tonnes GVM weight and also one, which can carry only 12 adults at a time, including the driver. For getting a light rigid vehicle Licence, you would need to undergo road training with an expert instructor who can guide you with handling the vehicle efficiently on the roads.

We are one of the reputed truck driving schools in Sydney, with many efficient and experienced instructors who can train you to handle a light rigid vehicle with all expertise.

One of the requirements of LR Licence Sydney is to obtain a certificate of competency from a reputed driving school and we, at Ellis boast of supplying innumerable certificates for the happy drivers.

With the practise that we provide in handling light, rigid vehicle driving, you will obtain your LR Licence in no time at all and drive it happily on Sydney and NSW roads.

Upgrade to LR Licence Class | LC Licence NSW

Our LR Licence training programme is also appropriate for those in NSW looking to upgrade from their LC Licence. We provide flexible training schedules to accommodate your hectic lifestyle, and our friendly team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today to upgrade your driving skills and obtain an LR Licence in NSW. Let us help you achieve your goals and become a confident and safe LR driver.

How to get an LR Licence | LC Licence Sydney

  • Pass the Driver Knowledge Test (you can do this before or after your on road practical service with Ellis Driving School)
  • Complete an application form,
  • Show evidence of your identity (this may be your driver’s licence),
  • Pass an eyesight test,
  • Produce the Certificate of Competency (Issued by Ellis Driving School) to show that you’ve passed the driving test or the training program,
  • Pay the new licence fee.

By following these six steps, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining your LR Licence Sydney. Remember to stay informed about any updates or changes to the licensing process by regularly checking the official RMS website or consulting with local authorities. Safe driving!

Obtain an LR licence in Sydney, Mittagong, Gosford, Mt. Pritchard, NSW, Wollongong, Penrith, Bankstown, and Newcastle. Expert training is provided to ensure a successful outcome. Enrol now for comprehensive LR licence preparation.​

LR Licence | Light Rigid Licence Training course in Sydney, NSW including Wollongong, Mittagong, Gosford, Penrith, Bankstown and Newcastle. Contact Us to signup of LR Licence Training Course.

Vehicles with a Class LR Licence Sydney have a gross vehicle weight of more than 4.5 tonnes but less than 8 tonnes. Residents can now apply for the LR Licence Training Course in Sydney, NSW, including Wollongong, Mittagong, Gosford, Penrith, Bankstown, and Newcastle. Contact us to sign up for the LR Licence Training Course.

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